Our Escape Room Adventures

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Scottish Knight

Success Rate: 80.77%

A long time ago, in ancient times, a witch cursed your family and its castle and now a ghostly knight haunts you and your ancestral home.

You’ve researched the curse and attempted to remove it several times but have not yet succeeded. The descendants of the witch were not interested in helping you either.

But now, you’ve discovered a possible way to lay the curse to rest and save your family and your castle from any more visitations from the knightly specter.

Follow the clues and find the elements that you need to dispel the spirit. You only have a short time before it may be too late.

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Treehouse Treasure Hunt

Success Rate: 83.82%

There is a kid’s club in your neighborhood that meets in a treehouse in the woods behind your home. They call themselves, the Young Explorers Club and you want to join in their explorations.

But, their club has a special task that you must accomplish in order to join their exclusive club.

There is a treasure hidden away in the tree. A treasure of enormous importance and you need to follow the clues and find it within an hour.

If you find it, you’re in the club. If not, see you later, alligator.

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Party Time

Success Rate: 90.91%

Your family is throwing a movie party for your birthday and you are looking forward to watching your favorite movie with your friends.

But, one of your friends has taken the remote and hidden it so you can't watch the movie.

The party starts in an hour. Can you recover the remote before the party starts?

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Family Game Night

Success Rate: 94.12%

Your family has a Family Game Night every week where everyone plays a game together and competes to see who in the family gets the four winner’s trophies.

Every week, a different game is chosen and, many times, the winners are different each week.

But, today, you came home from school and found that the four trophies were missing from their normal spot.

You don’t know who took them but you need to find them and put them back before your parents get home in an hour. If you don’t find them in time, Family Game Night may be ruined.

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