My son and his friends had a blast for his 10th birthday! Thank you!
This was a really lovely little place. The rooms are structured like a regular escape room, but hints and clues do not penalize your time like other escape rooms. The staff members were really friendly, empathetic, and just generally very kind, even with our toddler. The toddler was able to tag along and we didn't get charged for him. We had a LOT of fun as a family and I think it would be great to take a group of kids for a birthday party. We will definitely be back.
We went here on Feb 19, 2022. This new escape room venue directed toward families EXCEEDED my expectations! I've been to a number of escape rooms over the years, and I was pleasantly surprised at how engaged my three boys were (ages 8, 6, 4). AND, it was decently challenging for me as an adult! We did "The School Art Show" room and it had plenty of clever puzzles to solve. There was a nice variety and "combination" of clues and problems. I'm used to being "locked in" the room, but in this room they allow you to leave and use the restroom so it isn't as intense for children (though we didn't use that option). It might seem expensive, but watching my boys working together and having some nice father-son bonding time is priceless, so it was worth it. My boys are already begging to go back, which we plan to do soon!UPDATE: We (my three boys and I) went again on July 7, 2023 and played the NEW Scottish Knight room. It was FANTASTIC! The clues were a little more challenging, but not too hard to solve with persistence. We had so much fun lifting the curse! Another time of fun memories made as a family.
We did the "Family Game Night" room as a family of four. None of us had ever done an escape room before and weren't quite sure what to expect. It was an inviting space with lots of hints and clues to figure out around the room, and everyone was able to participate in some way, even our 7-year-old, and our ten-year-old was really engaged. We had so much fun, and we will definitely be returning. I highly recommend this for an enjoyable and collaborative family outing!
We had a great time with our great-niece and nephew (ages 11 and 8). It was their first escape room experience, and they really enjoyed it. So did we! Thank you for the fun. We will be back!
Love these Escape rooms! Such a great time! Especially in the winter when the kids are looking around at what to do!
We brought our hockey team and their siblings here tonight and experienced all three rooms! I have to say from when I first called to inquire, all the way through until we left, I was so impressed! Amazing staff, the kids had SO much fun! Highly recommend!